Discover How To Rapidly Transform Your Butt Into A Round, Tight, Luscious J-LO Style Booty With My Easy And Proven “Explode Your Booty” Video System – And Get Ready For The Ladies To Start Hating And For The Men To Start Staring!

Want To Know How I Transformed My Body And Made My Butt Much Bigger? Read On!

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me…

Hi, I’m Lorraine Haddad, world renowned fitness trainer, model, and Instagram celebrity (@wofb and @lorrainehaddad).

What you may know about me is that I have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, have won numerous fitness competitions, have trained thousands of women in Miami, and have six pack abs and a big, tight butt… but what you may NOT know about me is that I turn 40 this year, wasn’t always into fitness, and I wasn’t born with my stomach and butt this way…

And I have the pics to prove it!

This is me before fitness

About a decade ago, I got into working out, and started seeing results… and my friends noticed them too.

I use to work security at a casino and my lady co-workers, noticing my results, asked if they could jump into my workouts – I told them why not… before I knew it, they started getting killer results too, and everyone at our company started joking around about how “hot” the ladies of our company were.

But what was really the most interesting part is that I found myself enjoying helping out the ladies in the gym more than my job.  That’s when I took the bold step of quitting my job and pursuing being a fitness trainer full time.

Eventually I found myself settling down in Miami and becoming the head trainer at Women Only Fitness Bootcamp – and creating one of the most popular fitness programs in south Florida.

I then started an Instagram account to help inspire the ladies at my Bootcamp – and before I knew it I became an international star with over 400,000 followers with two accounts!

I had never intended my Instagram to go beyond my students – let alone all over the world!  It was because of all my Instagram followers that I made the “Explode Your Booty” video system.  Why?  Let me explain.

After looking at my pics, easily the most common question I got on my Instagram was “What do you do to make your butt so nice?”  The question just kept on coming and coming like a jackhammer!

People commented on my photos with the question, people hit me up on Facebook with the question, people emailed me personally with the question, and people even called my gym to ask me in person the question!

It became a no-brainer… I had to make a video series that I could share with everyone online about how to EXPLODE YOUR BOOTY!

What I do is really quite simple – my routine is straight forward and can be done by anybody with access to some weights.

No gimmicks or tricks – just a straight up routine that makes butts bigger, rounder, and tighter – and nicer to the eye!

There are other videos out there and other gimmicks… I don’t know about those… I know about what I do and how I got my butt from where it used to be to where it is today:

In my headline, I said, “Get ready for the girls to start hating…”

I say that because once your butt starts getting nice and round, you’re going to have girls whisper behind your back stuff like,

“She’s probably taking steroids…”


“She’s got fake butt implants…”

How do I know? Because my Instagram is littered with comments like these.  I have never taken any form of illegal performance enhancing drugs or steroids – and I do not have any butt implants!

What I have is a proven butt building routine that works time and time again.

Still Not Convinced?

Listen to what some of my clients have to say…

“My booty is growing bigger and bigger every single day and my waist is getting smaller thanks to Lorraine, her training, and her meal plans.”

Sulee– Lorraine’s Student

“I’ve been training with Lorraine since January but in bootcamp for about a year and a half. The results I’ve seen up to now have been incredible. I’ve lost approximately 20 pounds in the last year and a half. I have trimmed my body back to before I had kids and the inches are continuing to come off my body. My booty is growing bigger and bigger every single day and my waist is getting smaller thanks to Lorraine, her training, her meal plans, and more importantly, her push.”

“I’m 47-years-old and I’ve never looked this good nor have I had the physical endurance that I have.”

Dora – Lorraine’s Student

“Hi, I’m Dora and I’ve been working out and training with Lorraine since December 2012. I never thought I would get the results that I have seen. I’m 47-years-old and I’ve never looked this good nor have I had the physical endurance that I have. Other results that I’ve seen are the drop in body fat percentage. I am currently working towards a triathlon later this year and going for my spartan race trifecta medal. All because of the goals I’ve been setting with her and achieving constantly. Rock on Lorraine, you’re awesome.”

“ I’ve been [training with Lorraine] for a little bit over 3 years. I’ve learned the concept of eating clean. I dropped 3 sizes, although I’m heavier than before, I couldn’t jog a mile before and now I’ve been able to do a few half-marathons.”

Marcia Diaz – Lorraine’s Student

“Hi, my name is Marcia Diaz. I’ve been in bootcamp for a little bit over 3 years. I’ve learned the concept of eating clean. I dropped 3 sizes, although I’m heavier than before, I couldn’t jog a mile before and now I’ve been able to do a few half-marathons. I’m super healthy; I’m 41. I love Lorraine. She showed me things that I’ve never been able… ever thought capable of doing. I’m totally addicted to bootcamp.”

I’m turning 40 years old this year – and my body has never looked better.

Ladies, it doesn’t matter how old you are – you can make yourself feel and look better.

And if you want to make your rear end look nicer, “Explode Your Booty” will help!

You could try hiring a personal trainer to get these results – and spend thousands of dollars…

You could get expensive and potentially dangerous surgery… and maybe end up like this:

Or you could wear deceptive clothing that lifts and shapes your butt… only to have this happen when you are about to get intimate with the man of your dreams:

Or you could get the EXPLODE YOUR BOOTY SYSTEM, start your first workout RIGHT NOW, and start building a healthy, firm, and sexy booty!

These are the kinds of butts that people LOVE:

Still Not Convinced?

Some of us have flat butts, flabby butts, or big butts that aren’t round or tight… my video system will help all of you.  Flat butts will grow, flabby butts will tighten, and big butts will get rounder and more lucious!

Personal training and surgeries can costs thousands of dollars… How much are you going to have to pay for my “Explode Your Booty” Video System?

You won’t have to pay $200… or $150… or $100…

For the launch of my FIRST video system, I will be letting go full access to “Explode Your Booty” online video system for only…


DVDs are cumbersome, easily scratched, can get lost, and can’t really be watched while at the gym… my online video system is iphone compatible and be watched from anywhere in the world with internet access!  You never have to worry about scratching your DVD or losing it with our high speed online access.

Explode Your Booty System

  • Explode Your Booty Exercise Videos – This is what all of you ladies have been asking for – my favorite glute exercises and workouts to help shape your glutes! Each exercise is broken down step by step, highlighting all of the vital tips and common mistakes people make to ensure you are doing everything perfectly. All of the videos can be seen through a PC, Mac, or mobile device so you can watch at home or at the gym.
  • Explode Your Booty Guidelines – I want to make sure that you get the best results possible for your time and effort. To that end, I am giving you some important tips and tricks on how to workout better so that you have high energy, strength, and of course, a nice round booty!
  • 12 Week Workout Plan – Not only will you learn exactly how to do the BEST butt-shaping exercises on the planet, but you will learn the exact workouts that I use to get a perfect bottom!
  • 12 Week Training Log – Nothing measured = nothing gained. You want to know when your booty is getting rounder, and when you are getting stronger, so it only makes sense to keep track of all of your results. I am also including a set of workout logs that you can use to track your progress towards building a better booty.


I am very excited about what I am about to offer everyone who orders Explode Your Booty. I have been waiting for my developers to finish this project and I am very pleased with they have put together.

It is called, WOFB Live – my online video training portal!

That’s right! You will be able to get access to all my workouts, training sessions, and exercises that I do and teach at my Miami Bootcamp right through your computer or mobile phone!

We will be adding videos on a regular basis, covering exercises, workouts, meal plans, and much more.

For those of you that order Explode Your Booty, you will get 30 Days of access to WOFB Live for FREE!

As you can see, this is a complete system – order it now and start watching the system online right now!

P.S. > Are you still on the fence?

Trust me, you do NOT want to sit on that fence 🙂

I don’t blame you. We all have invested money one time or another and got burned.


What I have found is that waiting too long before making a decision actually hurts you more.

This guy took so long thinking that he was fossilized 😉

If you have gotten this far, then you are probably like me and asking yourself:

“Should I get this now, or wait for more info?”

That is what we really want don’t we? More information. We get what is called “the paralysis of analysis.”

We are analyzing so much we forget about making a decision. If someone would just hand me the product so that I can see it and use it, it would make my decision so much easier.

While I can’t just give the Full Explode Your Booty System away for free, I will give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Here is it how it works:

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get the Explode Your Booty System. You can watch all the videos, follow the written routines that come with it, and take it with you to the gym. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the Explode Your Booty System, you can get your money back!  All you have to do is…

• Write a simple review of my system telling me why it sucked and how you didn’t learn anything to help you build your butt (you can be brutally honest).

That’s it!

With this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, I have taken away the risk and placed it solely on my shoulders.

At this point, the only question left to answer is:

“Do I want to have the butt that I’ve always dreamed of?”

If you answered YES, click below and start learning how to Explode Your Booty.

If you answered NO, then close this page and go  back to eating potato chips on the couch.

If you didn’t answer, then check out what people like you thought about Explode Your Booty at the bottom of this page.

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